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My Why

‘I have a dream’ he said, and he created history. I too have one and it’s to create the future. I dream of a world where we all are unconditionally accepted; that is judgement free; and where empathy towards one another is intrinsic. That sounds abstract, farfetched, and likely shared by most of us – hence a dream. It is one of those though that when it’s morning and reality hits, the positive effect of it still lingers on, and stirs some change. On one such rare occasion, I found myself on a quest towards getting closer to this ‘dream state’, which resulted in the inception of 9Fables with the core mission to expand and reimagine perspective. Perspective comes with first hand (pun not intended) experience or through awareness of others’ experiences. Through my life, I have had a fair share of interesting situations and moments that are relatable and similar to what most people have, except there’s usually a twist. A twist, that once brought to light can give another angle or view, in other words another perspective, one may have never considered or imagined. It was likely hiding in a blind spot. What’s this twist? It is in the seemingly normal things we all do, which could have a completely different reality for someone with a disability. It is just doing the same things as everyone else – simple things such planning a weekend getaway or picking up a hobby – differently. I would daresay even creatively. These twisted stories are an honest account of my experiences as I go about life, bringing that extra dimension or angle of perspective to be mindful about. They’re worth sharing, I promise.

And why is this extra perspective important? Firstly, because it gives the edge of being in the know. And, because it fosters awareness, mindfulness, and ultimately lead towards projecting kindness and empathy that everyone deserves. A true change. By expanding and reimagining perspectives, 9Fables becomes the platform to unlock meaningful change and create a more inclusive society.

As a start, 9Fables is and will continue to be a reflection of my journey, with you walking a mile in my shoes. I aim to cover a wide spectrum - personal musings, practical tips, and inspiration – meant for everyone. The goal is and will always be to generate empathy, not sympathy.

My experiences however are just the tip of the iceberg, quite literally. The perspective I have is through the lens of having a visible disability, which is one angle. There are many other disabilities that are not blatant or obvious and hence invisible, existing below the surface, and thus have a whole other set of realities. And so, I envision 9Fables to evolve into a community where people with all disabilities find it a safe space to speak their truth – for themselves or for the world – thereby shedding light on all realities and angles.

This momentum and impact created from different stories can drive a bigger change; from communities to the world and societies. 9Fables can influence, inspire and work with large companies and institutions and be a rich source of insights on what systematic changes are required in the future for a more accessible and inclusive world. Thereby developing into a platform initiating wide scale societal changes.

I have said this before, and I really mean it – 9Fables is meant for all. If I would have come across such a community and platform when I was younger, I know I’d have benefitted from it knowing that it’s not just me. So, for anyone out there seeking reassurance this one is for you. I have had too many spirals in life to be able to recognize one whenever its in the offing, so if you ever find yourself precariously swaying on the ledge of one, hope 9Fables brings you the validation or at least some humour, occasionally tiptoeing on the border of satire. If you are someone looking to learn and be an ally 9Fables will give you that different perspective to be aware and mindful about along with some suggestions on how to act if needed. And if you are someone who wants to create an inclusive and accessible environment (work, gym, society, or anywhere), well thank God you’re here. There are initiatives and solutions already existing that we love, but more can be done. What’s more, you’d be building with the customers themselves! Reach out, we can join forces.

I’ll close with the following: often the word ‘disability’ is turned upside down to emphasize on the ‘ability’; ability to do things creatively. Some even go as far as calling it a ‘superpower’. Just like any transformation, the pendulum needs to swing from one side to another. And it could be that it’s the pendulum swing that’s transpiring. I’m not waiting to find out but instead jumping on this next wave of transformation and inviting you to join me and 9Fables, with an open heart, open mind. And that, is my why.

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24 mai 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Hope you’re able to achieve everything you aspire for from this platform, and a lot more!


Ashika Sim
Ashika Sim
23 mai 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Love it! Truly look forward to reading your perspectives!


Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Excellent thought. Very intense. Needs to be brought to people exponentially.


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